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The Giggo Concept

The life of the modern musician is riddled with stress and demand. Much of this stems from the confusion and aggravation that comes with finding and booking gigs. Giggo looks to eliminate those obstacles. The Giggo app takes "knowing the local music scene" out of the equation by expading on the classified newpaper posting format of the past. This product is meant to be as non-intrusive as possible, by eliminating the need to login to an account or connect the app with your other social media account. All the musician has to do is download the app, open it, and start broswing event listing. Then, using an Apple API based messaging system, the event lister can be contacted without leaving the app.

The Giggo Flow

The primary goal of Giggo is to serve as a platform that alleviates issues encountered by musicians while searching for and scheduling shows. The app flow compliments the busy lifestyle of many professional musicians by reducing the entire process to a matter of four simple steps. No login. No commitment. No hassle.

flow of the giggo app

Giggo Low-Fidelty Wireframes

Giggo High-Fidelity Prototypes